Shelley is a very experienced counsellor/psychotherapist, who combines strong holding and support with challenging, when it’s needed. She is wise and thoughtful, present and perceptive.

Shelley has worked with a wide range of clients from many backgrounds and ethnicities and is open and non-judgemental.’

Jocelyn Chaplin.   Psychotherapist and author


‘Shelley is a highly skilled psychotherapist. She brings warmth and deep insight to her work, creating a space for self-discovery in the client. As well as many years of experience, Shelley keeps abreast of psychological theories and holistic knowledge to enrich her practice.

Shelley operates with awareness and sensitivity across the various cultures in her client group.’

Audry West.   Psychotherapist


‘I have known Shelley professionally for the last 25 years and have supervised her clinical work for the last 10 years. I have no reservations in recommending her as a practitioner, her strength lying in her expertise in addiction. She is a very experienced counsellor/psychotherapist with excellent skills in holding her clients. Shelley is able to reflect critically on her work, which shows her serious commitment to her work.’

Frania Le Guilly.  Psychotherapist


‘Shelley Assiter is an inspirational, experienced and eclectic psychotherapist, who has worked in a variety of settings over several decades.

Following years of working in Alcohol and Drugs Services, Shelley has maintained a private practice where short and long term therapies are available for differing needs and populations.

Shelley is also an experienced supervisor and couples therapist.’

Ellen Heralall.    Colleague


Shelley’s oasis of calm and tranquillity has made it possible for me to confront difficult issues and grow into myself.’

Alison Williams.  PhD  FRGS

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