My therapeutic background

My approach is based on Client-Centred, Existential framework.  My working model is integrative, which encompasses various therapeutic models, such as: Attachment, Existential, Relational, Psychodynamic and Transpersonal. I find integration through interpretation of these models.

I have been practicing as a counsellor and psychotherapist since 1990. I have lived a full and active life and have dealt with a wide range of life experiences. This allows me to work in a person centred way with my clients and face the many issues they bring, with openness and understanding.

Click here for a list of the areas I work in.

I feel very passionate about being instrumental in helping to change people’s lives. I feel moved by our ability and resilience and believe we can move on, when we learn how to.

I started my counselling journey in 1990, working with young adults ages 16-18, in a Youth Project. I moved on to working with people with drinking problems and then with substance misuse and other addictions. Throughout these years I maintained a private practice, where I worked with a wide variety of client groups.  My full-time private practice dates from 2004.

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