What is therapy

I can offer you a safe and trusting environment where you can explore your life and your aspirations and tackle the obstacles that may affect your progress.  I can help you to make sense of why things are the way they are and to acquire tools for change. Together we can search for, find and enhance your potential and your strength.

In counselling and psychotherapy you focus on your mental processes in depth. You identify patterns and belief systems, which you have learned through the course of your life and recognise the messages you carry – often unconsciously. You become aware of yourself, what motivates you and how you function.  With this deeper understanding of yourself, you can move forward and apply changes.

Life coaching is a structured way of identifying aspirations, goals and directions. It helps you draw on your strength and resources – towards becoming successful and living a fulfilling life.

Psychological Supervision is an essential part of practicing as a psychotherapist. We need to have our work overlooked by another professional, to expose possible ‘blind spots’, to analyse and to process. This is a requirement stipulated by the BACP, in its Code of Ethics and Practice.


‘Greater awareness does not come in a single blinding flash of enlightenment. It comes slowly, piece by piece, and each piece must be worked for the patient effort of study and observation of everything, including ourselves’.     ‘The Road Less Travelled’.   M. Scott Peck (1978)

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