All the ‘hats’ I am wearing as a therapist

With all my years of experience, I am finding myself offering versatile options of services.   I work with individuals, couples and also as a supervisor and a life coach. I work short term and long-term. I work integratively, which means incorporating various different models and forming a personal approach – informed by the theories and thinking of these models.

What does all that mean to me?   At a glance, it might look like I am ‘Jack of all traits’?  Maybe, but equally I could say that this is a product of many years of training and practice.  BACP accreditation advocates continued professional development, which I take seriously.  Apart from requirement, this satisfies my thirst for more knowledge. On- going learning gives me a wealth of outlooks. It both challenges and validates my work, my thinking, my perceptions and my understanding.

The underlying theme to all of this for me is a growing understanding of the human behaviour and condition.  Developments in Neuroscience confirm many of the theories, established by psychological thinkers during the years. This feels affirming, as well as shedding a new light on what we do as therapists.

I very much enjoy this versatility I have described. Equally, I am very grateful for the opportunities this is offering me. My work enriches me as a person. I learn so much from my interaction with my clients, which in turn makes me a more competent therapist – I hope. The therapeutic process is a two way experience – there are two of us (or three, in the case of couples work) in the room. There is an interaction, a mirroring and a reflection.  Being social creatures as we are, we need this interplay with other people.

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  1. Very much enjoy reading your blog, both of them.. Hats and drop of water equally enjoyable and insightful.. And for prospective clients.. a deeper look into who you are. Keep up the good work.. I’m sure you will, as you said’ it just flows out of you’.
    Big love,
    Sonja xxoxx

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